The Archives Page.

The aim of this page is to try and gather as much information on the subject of deafblindness that can be found on the Internet. You know that pages on the Net come and go sometimes very quickly and because of this I have come across many interesting sites with  interesting articles on them. However, when you visit the site again, usually the article or site has been removed and this can be very frustrating if the article was an interesting one, and you wanted to put a link to the page itself. Because of this problem I now have included this archive on my pages.  It will contain articles which I believe would be of great interest to deafblind people themselves, professionals who provide a service for us and especially parents of  deafblind children.

The articles below will contain the full text which was on the original site, it will also contain the authors details. I have only edited the documents to try and make them more accessible for people like myself, but the text itself is as it was on the original site, and where possible I will put a link directly to the organization itself at the end of the article. I have nothing to do with these documents in any way - they are really the property of the organizations themselves. I haven't asked permission from any of them to put these articles on my pages as this would take too long for me to try and contact every individual to ask permission.

The idea is that these documents will always be available to anyone who is interested, and they will be available on the A-Z to Deafblindness Archive page.

* If you know of, or have, any fact sheets or documents like the ones below, I would be very pleased to put them on my Archive page. Thanks for reading this.*

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