Mailing List's And Newsletters For Deafblind People.

This is a Newsgroup that I have started up myself to try and bring Deafblind people together on the net, So That we can talk about troubles that we may be having with our computer equipment or about what ever we wish to talk about.  It is also a place where the familys of a deafblind person can meet and find ways around troubles that they may be having with there Deafblind child.

So Please come a long and join us on the newsgroup You will be made very welcome.

The CNSDB Newsletter is published quarterly by the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind.  The Newsletter is available in English and French, LARGE PRINT and Braille, Grade I and Grade II.

DbI Review is the print magazine of Deafblind International. It appears twice yearly, the two editions are dated January-June and July-December. All members of DbI recieve the magazine.

The Journal, DbI Review, is available in English, Spanish and on disk.. Development of materials in other languages is encouraged.

Since 1995 EDbN has published a newsletter 1-2 times a year in print, disk and internet versions  Since April  1999 EDbN Clipboard is published monthly by e-mail and fax.

This newsletter is funded by WFDB, with economic support from FSDB, the Swedish Deafblind Organisation and SHIA (Swedish Organisation of Disabled Persons International Aid Association - Solidarity, Humanity, International Aid) .

This Newsletter can be obtained in Braille, Large Print, on Disk and on the Internet.

Aims of this International Newsletter:


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