The Poetry Page.

Poetry by and for Deafblind People.

I haven't asked permission from anyone to put these poems on my pages. I know that I should have asked but this would take too long for me to try and contact every individual to ask permission.

The poetry below will contain the full text which was on the original site. It will also contain the authors' details. I have only edited the documents to try and make them more accessible for people like myself, but the text itself is as it was on the original site, and where possible I will put a link directly to the organisation itself at the end of the poem

I thought that these poems were too beautiful for them to be just available on one place on the Internet, so I am trying to make people more aware of them.

I just wish I had it within me to write such beautiful and thought provoking words, as these people have done. I admire them very much for it.

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