"DB Techies"

Like a phoenix the DB Techies has been reopen but as a mailing list now.

The DB Techies is a mailing list that was started for Deafblind people by a deafblind person. It's not just for deafblind people but for blind, Deaf and partially sighted people as well, and all those who are interested in us.

This little DB Techies mailing list is a place where we can talk about new Equipment that just may make life a bit easier for us all. And it is a place where we can all have a good old talk about Technical troubles that we may be having with our equipment or software, And what is new on the market for us to use or try.

To Subscribe send an email to: dbtechies-subscribe@topica.com
or go to: http://www.topica.com/lists/dbtechies

Do Please come and join us, You will be made very welcome.

DB Techies was at first a newsletter which I used to write every month but on March 2001, Because the membership was going down and very few Deafblind or Sighted Hearing people where not Interested in it. And it was a lot of work for a few readers.

Here are the old newsletters which where sent out to the members at the time. They are a good bit out of date but they will give you a good idea what the DB Techies newsletter where like then.

You can now download all the issues of the DB Techies in a Text format or in a Brl format in one of these Zipped files .

Some of you may be wondering what is this brl format. This is a format for those of us who use a braille notetaker or use a Braille Display on a Computer like myself.

This page will become an archive of past copies, but I really think that there will not be that many of them to archive?

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