Awards which A-Z to Deafblindness has received.

I would like to thank those who thought that A-Z to Deafblindness was good enough for them to offer me an award. I really appreciate the thought and kindness from them. I have completely made these pages myself and it's great to know that people think these pages are good enough for their awards.


The Deaf Watch Award[D]
The Deaf Watch Award.

The Speech Friendly Butterfly Award[D]
The Mary Ward Speech Friendly Butterfly Award.

The Speaker Page Hearing Loss Site Award[D]
The "Speaker" Page Hearing Loss Site Award.

This site has been Award the Speech Friend Ribbon Award and is 100% speech friendly[D]
The Speech Friendly Ribbon Award.

The Levi's World Deaf Award[D]
The Levi's World Deaf Site Award.

Mental Health Net 2 Star Award[D]
The Mental Health Net 2 Star Excellence Award,

The Deaf Watch Gold Award[D]
The Deaf Watch Gold Award.

The Real Estate Library, Pure Gold Award[D]
The Real Estate Library, Pure Gold Award.

The Webnet Webrating Award with A four Star Rating site[D]
The Webnet Webrating Award, with A Four Star Rating Site.

The Facing Challenge Award[D]
The Facing Challenge Award.

The Critical Mass Award[D]
The Critical Mass Award.

The MedSite Gold Award[D]
The MedSite Gold Award.

The Fantastic Site Award, From Little Bit.[D]
The Fantastic Site Award, From Little Bit.

Medinex Certified Health Site Award[D]
Medinex Certified Health Site Award.

The Talking Hands Award [D]
The Talking Hands Award, Presented by Lancaster's Laughing Place.

This is where there is an image of the Award.[D] Features Site Award 2000.

This is the Britannica internet Guide Site Award image. [D]
The Britannica internet Guide Site Award.

This is the SchoolZone Education 5 Star Site! Award image.[D]
SchoolZone Education 5 Star Site! Award.

This is The Yell award, Highly commended Site image. [D]
The Yell Award, Highly Commended Site.

This is the StudyWeb Award Image.[D]
The StudyWeb Award.

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