Videos about Deafblindness Awareness, and Training Videos.



West Australian Deafblind Assoc (WADBA) has released its deafblind awareness and training video, ASSUME NOTHING:  An Introduction to Deafblindness.

Six clients of WADBA are highlighted, from the very young to adults, all with varying degrees of hearing and vision loss.  Three of the children and one adult are congenitally deafblind from various causes;  two of the adults have acquired deafblindness, including one with Usher Syndrome.

The focus is on what people who are deafblind CAN do, given appropriate supports and services.

Issues presented include communication, early intervention, education, technology, career choice, recreation, independence and interpreting.

By assuming nothing, we will never place a limit on what any individual might achieve.

Feedback from reviewers of this video has been excellent.

This video was made possible through a 'Promoting Excellence' grant from the Lotteries Commission of WA.  The second video in the series, which will focus on making contact and beginning communication, will be available shortly.

ASSUME NOTHING is a 22 minute open captioned video available in PAL format ($30.00) and NTSC format ($40.00), plus $5.00 postage within Australia, and $10.00 postage overseas.

Orders and cheques can be sent to:

A second training video, Beginning Communication with Congenitally Deafblind Children, will be available soon.

Deafblindness and the Intervener.

*Utah State University: HOPE, Inc., 1998, 15 minutes.*  Discusses the effective use of interveners. Interveners are shown working with children and youth who are deaf-blind in home, school, and community settings. Interviews are presented that give perspectives on intervention from parents, teachers, educational administrators, and interveners.


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